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The Four Month Guide

The Four Month Guide


This guide provides you with all of the information you need to tackle the four month regression and prepping for sleep afterwards.



  • Why does the 4-month regression happen?
  • Common signs of the 4-month regression
  • Baby sleep cycle after the 4-month regression
  • Sleep Pressure
  • What is a wake window?
  • What is considered sleep through the night?
  • Tips for getting through the 4-month regression
  • Setting up a safe sleep environment
  • Prepping your little one for the cot
  • Pre cot check list
  • Settling guide for babies 5 months and older
  • Debrief & Night Wakings
  • Routines/nap schedules
  • Example bedtime routines
  • Using a white noise machine
  • Night Feeds
  • FAQs
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